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There are several stainless steel differential methods

2018/11/22 17:02

If the stainless steel surface seal course can be directly identified. The magnet test, solution detection method, spectral analysis. Our company is equipped with a spectral tester professional, can identify to the customer at any time。


Such as 13 - 0, 18 - 8 words, a digital representation of the product line of the chromium content (%); line after the digital representation of nickel containing products amount (%). Like the 13 - 0 says it only contains chromium nickel free, which belongs to the stainless iron; and 18 - 8 said product both chromium and nickel, which is the stainless steel.


Soil solution is the most commonly used magnetic inspection. Because of the high quality steel ,itself does not contain iron and magnetic effect is not strong. Chromium alloy and some anti magnetic effect, joined the chrome steel rust will not easily magnetize. As long as we use a simple magnet contact try to know whether it is right. Stainless steel. Do not be attracted by the magnet is attracted by a magnet is stainless steel, which is ordinary steel. The addition ofgenerally poor quality of stainless steel alloy low proportion, will slightly magnetic, a point of attraction, but not too obvious. Of course, this is just a soil method, practice and quality stainless steel can still be attracted some strong magnet. So when you use the ordinary magnet test, only as a reference.


The expert points out, stainless steel range, variety, and some do not attract, some will attract. It mainly looks at the steel iron, nickel, cobalt content, if it can suck, or not. For example, a lot of stainless steel knife can attract some pure decorative materials, not smoking, and the hardness of steel.


you easy access to a variety of chemical raw materials, also can be easy to detect mixture solution. The most simple method in 100ml of distilled water to dissolve 8gCuSO4, then add 3 drops of concentrated sulphuric acid, the solution in the stainless steel products to maintain 6min, rust steel doesn't really change, otherwise it will be deposited on the surface of steel with a layer of copper.