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According to the national standard of the people's Republic of China beer barrel Stainless steel beer keg of our

2018/11/22 17:03

According to the national standard of the people's Republic of China beer barrel Stainless steel beer keg of our production of materials to meet the requirements of food hygiene of austenitic stainless steel Austenitic stainless steel established in 1913 in Germany, has played the most important role in stainless steel, the production and use of stainless steel production and consumption accounts for about 70% of the total. 

Steel is the most commonly used in China, the austenitic stainless steel grades have more than 40, the most common is 18-8 type.

Austenitic stainless steel tube contains high nickel content and other austenitic forming elements, these elements promote the formation of austenite phase, make it at room temperature or even lower temperature remained stable. Ferritic stainless steel seamless tube contains a weakened Austenite Formation elements such as the high chromium content. The ferrite phase constituents become dominant.

Martensitic stainless steel is austenite at high temperatures , however this kind of austenitic is not stable, change during cooling. With the help of austenite and ferrite formed elements balance can control the microstructure of stainless steel pipe. Two elements in the balance between adjustment on the mechanical properties of stainless steel pipe, corrosion resistance and weldability are important.

Serial number steel Nickel content Characteristic use

A wide range of uses, has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, bending, thermal processing performance is good, no words, no magnetic phenomena of heat treatment

Home (1, 2 kinds of tableware cabinet), indoor pipeline, water heater, boiler, bath, auto parts, medical equipment, building materials, chemical, food industry, agriculture, ship etc.

More salt water and other solvents than SUS304, high temperature strength is particularly good, can be used in harsh conditions, processing is good, no magnetism

Seawater, chemical, dye, paper, coal, oxalic acid, water material production equipment, photography, food industry, coastal facilities

0.7-1 with acid, alkali, high density, no bubble, no pinhole, polishing

Oil gas pipeline; the exhaust pipe of the engine, the casing of the boiler, heat exchanger, heating furnace parts, diesel engine parts, silencing of boiler and pressure vessel; chemical truck;

Expansion joints; for spiral welded pipe furnace pipe and drying machine

Cr, the Ni content is lower than 304, by improving the strength and hardness of cold rolling, cold rolling with a certain magnetism